to Your Heart

The stars of the hit daily drama “Forbidden Love” are now entering a new world of love, heartache and intrigue that will go “Straight to Your Heart.” With its new look, new talents and new storylines, it’s on its way to capturing new audiences. Along with the glamour that makes this drama so unique, the series now has a look, settings and production values that are more stunning than ever. Viewers can expect stories with a light touch, more stylish visuals, Spanish sun and bold new protagonists!

  • Format: 150 x 45’/HD
  • Produced by: GrundyUFA TV Produktions GmbH, Potsdam-Babelsberg
  • Producer: Oliver Ossege, Julia Meimberg, Florian Strebin
  • Executive Producer: Rainer Wemcken, Guido Reinhardt
  • Director: Christoph Heininger, Markus Hansen, Wolfgang Münstermann, Herbert Wüst, René Wolter, Walter A. Franke, Kerstin Krause, Patrick Caputo, Hannes Spring
  • Writer: Peter Holzwarth, Sarah Höflich, Franziska Fuchs a.o.
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